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I also have some stakes that will mature next year and plan to restake them, though I may sell some of the interest, if HEX will be overbought. You can stake part of them and sell the rest, for example. If you have specific questions, I recommend the @HEXcrypto group on Telegram, where you can always find hexperts willing to help (just block anyone that direct messages you, or groups you get added to – Telegram abounds with scammers). Otherwise, I will keep restaking until use case adoption is achieved. After your stakes mature and you mint your coins, you can do with them whatever you want: sell, hodl, and/or stake. I suggest you use to monitor your stakes. It is an amazing app created by two community members that allows monitoring stakes, contract and market info, and it also calculates the penalties.

imageLast but no the least, if we have multiple SQL statements to be executed, what dictates the order of execution? As I have written about before, this is best inferred from the SQL itself and does not need to be explicitely specified. It turns out that SQL statements do not need to be executed in any particular order unless the output of one is input to another.

imageMemorylessness is required for the problem to be progress-free . And a miner who’s been looking for a solution for a year isn’t more likely to solve a block at the next attempt than a miner who started a second ago. In other words at each attempt the participant is not getting any "closer" to a solution or BNB is making no progress. Progress-free means that as miners try to solve blocks iterating over nonces, each attempt is a stand-alone event and the probability of finding a solution is constant at each attempt, regardless of how much work has been done in the past.

However, tokens and coins are slightly different. For the most part, the terms token and coins are used interchangeably by most people. The biggest difference between a coin and a token is that tokens are built on an existing blockchain, using smart contracts, whereas coins are the native asset of a blockchain like BTC or ETH.

Alternatively, when UST's peg to the dollar is above 1, BNB there is an incentive to sell $1 of Luna for 1 UST to lock-in an "instant profit". The Terra/Luna relationship was simple: every one unit of UST was redeemable for $1 worth of Luna. When UST's peg to the dollar falls below 1, there is an "incentive to trade one UST for $1 worth of Luna".

All is not necessarily lost. On Telegram you need to block&report anyone that direct messages you – only communicate under public supervision (general rule for all social media when it comes to crypto). I suggest you join @HEXsecurity at Telegram and ask the expert members there to provide you a strategy on how to deal with it.

로컬 PC를 이용하시는 경우 : 구글 등의 검색엔진에서 "what is my ip" 혹은 "내 IP 주소" 등을 검색하시어 나오는 외부 IP 주소 서버를 이용하시는 경우 : 서버의 외부망 통신에 사용하는 IP 주소.

All active stakes have HEX shares assigned to them. They literally are shares of the staking system in the sense that all interest is credited daily to a stake based solely on its share ratio (the ratio between the shares in a stake and the total shares in the system). Shares are a crucial element of HEX fundamentals, as all interest is based on them.

매수 주문의 경우 ord_type 을 price 로 설정하고 volume 을 null 혹은 제외해야 합니다. 매도 주문의 경우 ord_type 을 market 으로 설정하고 price 를 null 혹은 제외해야 합니다.

Unfortunately, those freeclaims were small amounts and Ethereum became disfunctional inbetween. I also let go a few small stakes due to insane network fees. We are all suffering from this. It appears you had freeclaimed a bunch of BTC addresses and set the staking length the same for all.

After weeks of staying range-bound at the $30,000-level, and "defying predictions of a potential further decline but also struggling to gain upward momentum", the Bitcoin has succumbed to the former following the release of a hotter-than-expected May inflation print on Friday (June 10th). Market participants are bracing for more aggressive rate hikes at upcoming FOMC meetings as the Fed continues to prioritize keeping record-high inflation in check at all costs. And the current macro backdrop has certainly not boded well for speculative assets like Bitcoin, as evidenced by its recent volatility.

Remarkably, the distant participants are communicating without actually communicating, because they are collectively solving the same statistical problem and yet they’re not even aware of each other’s existence.

If the input set is universally known, the function (SHA-256) is universally known, as well as the difficulty requirement is universally known, then the probability of finding a solution is also indeed "universal".

In the blockchain blocks and Binance transactions are always referred to through their hash . Firstly, 32 bytes is four times larger than a BIGINT and eight times larger than an INT, which impacts greatly the amount of space required to store inputs and outputs as well as degrades index performance. A hash is an array of 32 bytes. For this reason we use INT for block ids and BIGINT for transaction ids (INT is not big enough and would overflow in a few years). While in theory we could build a schema which relies on the hash as the record identifier, in practice it is cumbersome compared to the traditional integer ids.

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